Wii Tournament Between SF Senior Centers

On April 24, 2014 the San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services successfully completed the inaugural Nintendo Wii online tournament for the SF Connected program.  Participants included Seniors from Mission Creek Adult Day Health Center, Richmond Senior Center, and Curry Senior Center.  With Nintendo Wii’s and software provided through the SF BTOP grant, participants were able to race each other online, in a friendly competition of Mario Kart Wii.

To accompany the Wii, SF Connected locations also received Wii Fit Plus and copies of Wii Sports.  Both encourage healthy living by incorporating fitness and fun with the use of technology, and promoting healthy competition. By utilizing the Wii and included accessories, Seniors and Adults with Disabilites can work towards personal goals of better health and fitness.

This competition was the first of its kind, and we are very pleased that the participants were able to have fun utilizing equipment and internet capabilities provided through BTOP. Thank you to all those who participated, and we look forward to another tournament soon!