Success Stories

SF Connected Digest

We are starting a digest of stories from volunteers and/or participants to chronicle the impact SF Connected has with the community. See this week’s testimonials below.

“An elder showed me a device that he had purchased recently. I checked the manual of the device and I wondered the exact functions of this object. After checking the company website and some searches on the Internet, the elder and I understood that this device was actually a computer with an Android system. As both of us were new to Android system, we used Google to find more helpful information of this device and system. Finally, we understood that the device not only allow users to surf the Internet but also allow users to enhance the device through Android Apps from Google.” – Auc Fai Chan, Cantonese/Mandarin bilingual trainer, Eastern Park Apartments


“I worked with a guest who did not know how to read the whole email. She was reading them from her inbox and did not know how to open the email and read the entire message. I also taught her how to respond to her emails. She informed me that people keep emailing her to get a response but she never knew how to respond.” – Julie Duffy, USF ACE Intern, Western Addition Senior Center

“What a great day at the lab! During this shift, I helped a man create a Facebook account, and when I showed him how to search for friends, he asked tentatively, “Can I search for people in the Philippines?” “Sure,” I said, “as long as they have a Facebook page, you can find them.” He searched for a name, navigated to a Facebook profile, and then started smiling as he scrolled through a page of pictures of two adorable little children. “These are my grandchildren!” he exclaimed in awe. I’m so happy to have witnessed this moment and to have helped him use technology to stay connected to his family across the globe! At the end of my shift, three people told me “you’re a really great teacher” and asked when I would be back. It’s a good feeling to know that people appreciate my help and look forward to learning with me. I’m excited to go back next week!” – Cordelia McGee-Tubb, Canon Kip Senior Center