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Cyber Seniors Documentary at the Roxie Theatre

Cyber Seniors 3 pics

A humorous and heartwarming documentary feature, which chronicles the extraordinary journey of a group of colorful senior citizens, as they discover the world of the Internet, through the guidance of teenage mentors. The film offers a heartwarming, candid, and at times humorous look at the victories and challenges seniors face as they dive into the digital world, proving you are never too old to get ‘connected’. Cyber-Seniors is an inspiring example of the wonderful things that can happen when generation gaps are bridged, and new ways of connecting are explored. Watch the trailer below.

Join SF Connected staff, community partners, and SF residents as we witness the importance of digital literacy and the benefits technology brings to this sometimes overlooked population.

When: Tuesday August 5th at 7:00pm

Where: Roxie Theatre 3117 16th st. San Francisco (16th & Mission)

Tickets: Adults $10 Seniors $7.50 Click here to pre-purchase tickets.

Senior citizens learn how to use the internet from teen mentors in a hilarious and touching film” -Mail Online

Affable and optimistic” – Robert Abele Los Angeles Times

The Technology divide between young and old is bridged in this sweetly moving documentary” – Franck Scheck The Hollywood Reported

Alternatively charming, humorous and poignant” – Maria Shriver NBC News