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IOA Aging and Technology Conference

On Wednesday May 27th, IOA hosted the Aging and Technology conference here in San Francisco. The conference addressed how elders, caregivers & senior services are influencing & inventing thoughtful technologies. There were four main topics that were discussed, “Evolution of the Aging & Tech Revoltution”, “Challenges, Worries, and Solutions (Current & Emerging)”, “From the Heart: A Panel of Supportive Technologies”, and “DIY! How you can create the future”. Anne Hinton, Executive Director of SF Department of Aging and Adult Services spoke about the efforts the city is making in this space, specifically with the SF Connected program. SF Tech Council members David Lindeman (CITRIS) and Alex Go (LivWell Health) also presented on their involvement and how the entities they work with contribute and develop this growing space.

It was a lively discussion that helped broaden the growing diversity of ideas, innovation, and gadgets that can help enhance independent living for older adults. We are fortunate to have IOA host this wonderful event where stakeholders can showcase the progress and achievements that have been made in this new and exciting field.

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