Success Stories

“Lelani had no clue about computers and didn’t even think about using one. When she found out that she could look up famous great singers, her eyes lit up. The instructor showed her how to look up the site. She saw and listened to the great Nat King Cole. It showed his old TV shows and a documentary of his life. She now has a computer at home and has signed up for internet. She attends the basic computer skills class on Fridays with volunteer instructor Jeannette Roston, Lelani is steadily learning and having fun.”

“Shirley is so happy that she can now communicate with her children who lives 0ut of state. She had so much trouble with signing in to her email. She doesn’t have a computer at home, but invested in the nook. The device works for what she wants to do, keep in contact with her children through email. She also attends the Friday basic computer skills class. She’s been surfing that internet ever since.”

                “Roberta, a participant of the senior center for many years, one day tells the director that she has a computer and signed up for internet and don’t know what to do. She mentioned that she intends to keep in contact with her doctor at Kaiser, check on her test, and read important articles on their websites in regards to healthy living. After signing up for the basic computer skills class, Roberta is making appointments online, checking her medical exams and reading her articles.”

Contributed by Bayview Hunters Point Multipurpose Senior Services Inc.

A disabled senior was able to utilize the computers to compose a detailed account of difficulties encountered in the homeless shelter system and make a report to the SF Board of Supervisors.” Canon Kip Senior Center

“Alex is a brand new senior at the Center. Alex is a lifelong Richmond District resident and lifelong bachelor. Alex’s niece brought him to the center concerned with his isolation and incipient depression. Alex had also been the victim of a financial scam, loosing thousands of dollars in recent years. Alex is learning the computer and especially likes listening to music from his middle European homeland, and watching traditional folk dancing. Alex also likes the young nursing student who volunteers to tutor on Mondays.” – Richmond Senior Center

“We have a group of 12 developmentally disabled seniors at the Richmond Senior Center. Many of them spent their childhood and young adulthood in institutions, where they received few educational opportunities and little social behavioral training. One such senior ‘Jim’ has been spending 2-3 hours a day on the computer, playing games like Mahjong, checkers and casino slots. He’s having a fabulous time, has been given our award for most windows open at a time on a computer!” – Richmond Senior Center

“We have a client who is blind and is learning to use Zoomtext.  His current needs are for keyboard training, and beginning email training.  He has started in training at the Light House and will have follow up training at his home computer that the Veterans Administration has purchased for him.” – Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

“A 63 year old participant retired early from her job due to employer ignorance of creating an accessible computer work environment.  MD has now come to the Lighthouse and has learned about zoom text and how she can not only use it for personal but she is also now inspired, with the additional help she has received to possibly return to work, she has been referred to the Dept. of Rehabilitation.” – Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

“A 34 years old particpant lost his vision 2 years ago due to diabetes.  While he has a host of health conditions, he has learned braille and has bee recently introduced to JAWs so that he can learn computer skills.  With training in JAW’s TB will also have the opportunity to learn to use a Braille display making his computer experience even more enriching.  With increased training in all areas of life, including computer training, he is interested in returning to school to become a teacher of blind and low vision youth.” – Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

“An 88 year old Filipino widow who suffers from depression since the loss of her husband, has learned how to use email to stay in touch with relatives in the Philippines.  As a result, she is happier and has something to look forward to when she attends ADHC and uses the BTOP computer.” – Mabini ADHC